Our purpose

Skoros is a collective that focuses on critique and creative resistance to consumerism. It encourages activities of sharing, re-using and re-cycling of clothes and other objects, and acts as a space for developing social ties outside the market.
The exchanges / activities carried out in Scoros are not of a monetary nature. Our critique of consumerism does not aim to take away the joy we may experience when acquiring an object that we like or need. Yet it asks us to reconsider our desires and purchasing habits. We are promoting ideas that have to do with re-use, sharing, and the joy of the collectivity. In a wider context, we disapprove of all institutions that promote consumerism and individualism as a dominant model for social relations. Anti-consumerist ideas do not lose their relevance or significance when we are consuming less because of the economic crisis. On the contrary, it becomes all the more important and  more challenging. The devastating effects of overconsumption on both humans and the environment are unquestionable. Our aim is to resist the dominant economic model and the dead ends it produces. Practically, we seek to communicate our ideas, and ideally to change the attitudes and habits of people who pollute with their choices and (indirectly if not directly) encourage social exploitation and alienation.

 The ultimate aim for Scoros is not to simply evolve into an alternative outlet or gifting bazaar, but to revive current critiques of consumption and to communicate their pertinence.
What would happen if all this was taking place on a larger scale?